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Academic Coaching

I advise people exploring graduate programs abroad

  • One-on-one coaching


Coral nurseries: growing coral in a not only biological sea

PhD Dissertation 2021. Department of Anthropology, University of California, Davis, USA.

My ethnographic work in the Colombian Caribbean, especially in the Rosario Islands, conceptually describes how scientists and other islanders materialize future reefs in present practices of nurseries, outplants, reports, eco-tourism, aquaculture, and fishing. By following the social relationships of corals and fish, my work shows the emergence of some (and not other) discussions on mass destruction and its political implications for sea lifeways.

The sea of transitions

Current project

As a postdoctoral researcher, I explore how energy transition meets the Caribbean Sea offshore through gas exploration and exploitation, wind turbines and hydrogen hubs. I am interested in how these projects come together, may be inter-dependent, intervene in the timing and technical fabulations of just energy transition, and currently interrupt and create diverse sea lifeways.

Oil derrick
Delfines 8.JPG

Social Animal Studies

permanent curiosity

I am interested in thinking about how the separation between animals and humans is constructed and subverted in environmentalism, animal liberation, in specific situations, and how this permeates research, and the protection and care of individuals and species.

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