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About me

Environmentalist passionate about animals and the sea. Anthropologist. Writer. Diver and freediver. Feminist. Academic Coach.

When i say I'm an environmentalist passionate about animals—I mean I am personally invested in the the care of life and justice, from an ecological and inter-dependency approach to human and non-human societies (not only as species but also as people). From this space I move between the academia and civil society organisations.

My passion for the sea reflects in my research and writing as an anthropologist, and also in my practice as a scuba diver and freediver.

When I say I am feminist—I mean that I acknowledge forms of patriarchal subordination that go through the devaluation of maintenance work, care, difference, and non-productivist and military approaches. I am interested in facilitating, through language and personal and collective work, other life possibilities for women and not only—because we have all been violated in some way by the patriarchy.​

Academic Coach is the expression I have found to describe another passion. I am the first generation in my family to study a postgraduate degree in a second language and to find funding for it. I have had to learn on my own many practices and knowledge that are not talked about in my family, neither in academic circles nor by funding institutions. This is why I am interested in helping other people explore graduate options from a place of greater ease, kindness, and joy.

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