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It is the opportunity TO MATERIALIZE YOUR GRADUATE STUDIES PROJECT and go from "I would like to" to "I have an action plan to achieve it"


With information and criteria, YOU DECIDE AND FOLLOW the most appropriate path FOR YOU.



  • Those who want to do graduate studies and feel that it is very difficult to afford it while working in Colombia

  • Those who want to travel, live and study in a different place

  • Those who are concerned about how to finance the program, but are open to the possibility of conceiving that money is not their main problem

  • Those who have the desire and resolution to take the necessary actions at each moment of the process

  • Those who feel that the company of a coach and a group can motivate them to take and maintain action

  • Those who are willing to receive and contribute with generosity and respect in a shared space


(at the time you make the payment)


1 GROUP SESSION ON PROGRAM EXPLORATION so that you become familiar with a wide range of possibilities, calendars, requirements, and exploration criteria. This session is available throughout the year.

1 GROUP SESSION ON THE APPLICATION TO THE PROGRAMS so that with clarity about the programs to which you want to apply and their requirements, we activate an action plan. This session is offered during the second semester of the year.

1 GROUP SESSION ON ADMISSIONS AND SUPPLEMENTARY FUNDING so that we can discuss how to negotiate funding packages and complementary funding options (only if you need it). This session is offered during the first semester of the year.

1 SESSION ON PREPARING FOR THE TRIP AND FINANCIAL EDUCATION FOR LIFE AS A STUDENT so that you consider actions that can make your life easier during your stay in another country and once you finish your graduate degree. This session is offered between June and July of each year.

WA GROUP ACCESS so that you are aware of the sessions schedule, new content, and information that may be of interest. Available all year.


For the first 23 people. 1 one-on-one session of 1 hour to work on the application essays. Available during the second semester of the year.

If you refer another person to take the program. 1 one-on-one coaching session. Available all year.


$600,000 COP

I accept transfers to Bancolombia and PayPal

Contact me

If you have doubts and want to talk first

If you are ready to start and want to sign up

Top view of the workspace and office of a female translator working on a document and chec

Group Coaching on Graduate Studies Abroad

Virtual session in which I will provide you with strategies to explore, apply, and decide on the most appropriate graduate program for YOU.


Those who dream of doing graduate studies abroad and don't know how to start looking


Those who have stopped because they think they need scholarships


Those who want a plan with directions on when and how to take action




I'll teach you that you don't need an entrance scholarship


We will focus on admission requirements


We will review some of YOUR motivations for doing graduate school and how that may affect your decisions.


We will discuss how to explore appropriate programs for YOU


We will talk about various financing options




Interactive online session of 1 hour and a half


Access to the recording for a week

Contact: +57 324 585 2449 and


"My dream was always to do grad studies abroad. Sofi was one of the first people to support me and even encourage me to follow my dreams. Talking to her made me feel more secure. She told me that she could check my letters and my application That was the only thing I needed at that moment--someone who believed in my project, supported me, gave me confidence and security to put into words everything that was in my head and in my heart."

María Fernanda Rosas Corona, student of the master's degree in animal sciences with a specialization in ecology and conservation, Wageningen University & Research, Holland.

"Sofía's advice was an essential part of finding a place in a foreign university and being able to do the master's degree that I always wanted. With her I was able to organize my ideas because I had no idea what the process would be like. In addition to giving me much more self-confidence and guiding me, she was the one who was with me for a month writing my letter of interest. Thanks to her teachings and guidance, I was admited in the program and started my program at the university I always wanted. I am deeply grateful to her."

Tatiana Lara, Master of Communications student, Queen's James L. Knight School of Communication, USA.

"Talking with Sofía helped me to have greater clarity on fundamental details of the life of a graduate student, allowing me to make better and informed decisions. I am referring, above all, to answers that are not found on university websites or in formal interviews. Her help allowed me to live with much more peace of mind my decision to travel from Oxford to California to continue my doctoral studies."

Cristóbal--Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of California, Davis, USA.

"Sofía was always attentive and shared her own experience with me, helping me to be calmer and more confident. Sofía is very empathetic. She is always willing to listen, understand and feel what one is expressing. I was (and am) fortunate to have been able to meet her in a process that is both challenging and exciting."

Iván Montenegro, PhD candidate in anthropology, University of California, Davis, USA.


one on one coaching

If you are interested in going to graduate school and don't know how or where to start exploring options that are right for you, I can share with you what I have learned during fourteen years of experience.



  • A 60-minute video call session

  • A space for you to openly express your concerns, fears, and insecurities

  • A space to think together about options that give you greater peace of mind

  • A space to develop specific strategies and actions that you can start implementing


Clarity, confidence and determination.


  • Send me a message with details about the process you are in and what you want to achieve

  • I can make you a proposal on how I can help you and topics that we can cover in our session

  • If that's okay with you, let's schedule a time and day for our video call.

$230,000 COP/ $62 USD

(Deposit or transfer in advance)


If you have questions and are interested in learning more:

Grammer Editing


Of writings and translations from English to Spanish

Thesis Jury

"Orika, Isla Grande: territorialización y deterritorialización, short documentaries" by José Vicente Ospina Sogamoso and Alcira Del Pilar Torres Serrano, the Master's Program in Latin American Cultural Studies, 2022.

 "Careful ways of living with the river: affections and practices of coexistence with the Tunjuelo river" by Claudia María Vargas Aldana, PhD in Human and Social Sciences, National University of Colombia , Bogotá, 2022.

Reader for translation project

Birding Guide to the San Gabriel Valley and Sierras of the Pasadena Audobon Society.

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